Woodturner Components

Woodturners' Components

Our woodturning supports are made to work with our multi-positioning Crossover Vise ll. Simply attach your faceplate or your lathe chuck to the threaded stud, and drop it into the Crossover Vise ll-- now you have the positioning capabilities to carve, sand, and finish your work successfully. Faceplate supports are available in two sizes: A (1 inch, 8 tpi) and B (1 ¼ inch, 8 tpi),  – each sold separately. Also, Total Positioner works as multi-positioning work support.

You've found the best carving and finishing Vise/Support for the wood turning world.


Features of the Total Vise Wood turners System:

  • The Total Positioner is a multipositioning and locking work positoner for carvers and turners.

  • We make a variety of posts  for your chucks and plates.

  • The Crossover Vise ll will hold more work / weight and variety than any competition.

  • Not just a turners vise but a REAL multi tool, which will quickly transform into other work station's and platforms.

  • Frees up other equipment and areas.

  • Add any one of our other plates or devices in a Quick change over and Increase your carving and other shop potential's.

  • Simply and easily mounts to your bench / wall / or our cart system.

  • Crossover Vise ll is Powder Coated for a lifetime of protection.

  • A Lifetime Tool. 

  • Made in the USA

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Total Positioner