Crossover Tube Vise System.

Crossover Vise Tube Vise System

Tube vise features:

  • The welders tube vise holds from 1" to 3 .5"  round and square tubing.

  • Quick and easy to install to any one of our platforms.

  • Works as an add on to the Crossover Vise.

  • Can adjust from floor level to over 5' in height.

  • Adjusts and holds firmly to any angle or position required.

  • The system can be installed on the work bench / cart / wall or tail hitch

  • Very versatile and mobile if desired.

  • Great for positioning and holding that piece of tubing.

  • Individual components including the vise can be purchased separately.

  • The Tube Vise itself can be purchased in two length extension tubes, a 10" &  34"

  • The front clamping Jaws are removable quickly for other versions or jigs.

  • The Vise has powerful clamping capabilities.

  • All parts are powder coated for durability. excluding the tubing

  • Made In The USA