Tube Vise/Cart System

DSC01302 tube vise welders 1.JPG
1424 C.V. cart  2.JPG
1427 C.V. cart 5.JPG

The Tube Vise has been developed for fabricators, welders, and assemblers, although its uses are practically infinite. Easily position a round or square tube -- the interchangeble front jaws hold both and can be swapped in seconds -- and hold it securely. Best suited to tubes between 1" and 3.5" diameter, the tightening threads are 3/8"x 10 Acme threads per iinch. Add on our tool tray, which made from lightweight aluminum, to position your tools wherever you want them. This tool's potential is unlimited! All parts are powder coated.


Package Includes:

  • Tube Vise with 24" extension arm

  • Round and square tube jaws

  • Knuckle union

  • 30" Crossover arm 

  • Crossover Vise

  • Vise Cart

  • Required fasteners

  • Made in the USA


* Final assembly by customer required