Sportsman Gun Vise Package

Crossover Vise #5 Sportsman Gun Vise
Position your work with ease using the Sportsman Gun Vise
Gun Vise system integrates easily into the Total Vise Crossover Vise Track system
Sportsman Gun Cleaning Vise Puts Any Firearm In The Right Position
Sportsman Gun & Bow Vise Station
Sportsman Gun Vise Package
Sportsman Gun Vise Package
Sportsman Gun Vise Package

Most Versatile Gun Vise System on the Market

  • The most versatile gun vise  positioning system. Holds any rifle, stock or pistol.

  • Fully padded top to bottom with cushioning rubber.

  • Front pivoting head plate pivots to accept any tapered stock or other material.

  • The vise jaw opens to 2 3/4  inches

  • The Crossover Vise ll gives you the ability to rotate and lock the gun vise 360 degrees.

  • The Crossover Vise ll also allows for a full forward pivot.

  • Switch from one tool set up to another in seconds

  • Powder Coated

  • A true multi-tool

  • Made in the USA