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Features of the Proper's Guitar Workstation


Proper's Guitar Workstation is a device that allows you to hold a guitar securely (face up or face down) while performing an endless variety of repairs limited only by your imagination.  You’ll work more comfortably than you ever have before. 


Whether it’s:


  • Fretwork (installing or levelling & crowning)

  • Fingerboard work

  • Structural repairs (bridges, bracing, cracks, seam separations, etc.)

  • Finish repairs and touchup

  • Broken peg head repairs

  • Binding work

  • French polishing

  • Installing nuts & saddles

  • And so much more


When combined with the Crossover Mini, Proper’s Guitar Workstation will allow you to work in virtually any position you can imagine while performing almost any repair necessary on any guitar whether it be acoustic, electric or archtop.  The workstation also accommodates a multitude of instruments including mandolins, banjos, resonator, electric basses and many more.  With your own shop-made fixtures and cauls you can modify the workstation’s modular design to use it in an endless variety of situations limited only by your imagination.