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Howard's Gun Shop Vise System.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The gun shop vise system is a REAL multi-tool. The system starts with the Crossover Vise and includes our Gun Vise.

Having the ability to exchange one tool for another in the shop is a big plus. You can exchange one function for another while saving valuable bench space. Our Gun Vise is JUST THAT! Set the fun vise into the Crossover Vise and now you have 1,000 adjustment positions. The Gun Vise is flexible in as much as it will adjust to any taper in a stock or magazine configuration. Fully padded with a firm but the safe face you will not damage or leave any mark on your work. The Vise will allow you to rotate-pivot and FIRMLY LOCK at any point. We inventory a variety of additional plates and tools for a variety of demands.

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Secure hold pistol vise system

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