#7 Guitar Repair Vise Station

Features of the #7 Guitar Repair Vise Station

  • This package includes our #7 Vise and our Quick Docking Station

  • A versatile multi pivoting/swivel adjustable 

  • Vise head plates are 7" x 2 1/8

  • Opens from 0" to 6"

  • Pivoting front head to accept tapered material (guitar neck)

  • Tapered jaws surfaced with 1/8" urethane rubber

  • Opening adjusts from the front, multi pivoting side and rear quick adjust

  • The Vise also will spin and lock at any point

  • This vise works with our Crossover Vise ll, Pedestal and our other positioning equipment

  • Powder coated 

  • Made in the USA​

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