Meet the Crossover Vise ll

The Crossover Vise ll is a revolutionary positioning and holding platform. It is the strongest most versatile multi-positioner available and makes your old  vise weak and obsolete. This system allows any vise or other mounted attachment to be positioned in almost any angle you desire and gives you the ability to rotate and pivot while locking easily at any point. Add in our attachments and your options will be endless.

 The Crossover Vise ll is 6" x 8" x 7" in vertical position. All steel construction. Powder coated for durability. The Crossover Vise ll can be mounted anywhere you want, then you can add your own favorite vise or choose from our options. 

Let us help you combine our Crossover Vise ll and mounting options into a perfect solution. Just call us Mon-Fri 8-5 Mountain Time at:  406-830-5881


The Crossover Vise ll can be used for almost any application. Here are a few specific ways people are using our vise. 

Gun & Bow Vise

Bow Press and Work Station

Woodcarving Vise

Wood Turning Vise 

Knife Makers Vise

Welding Vise

Taxidermy Vise

Propeller Station

Guitar Station

Crossover Vise Tube Vise/Cart

        Crossover Vise Attachments
                    Set Up Anywhere
 Position your work any way you want
                 Mounting options are unlimited

Customize your Crossover Vise ll for your particular needs with a wide range of attachments. 

The Crossover Vise ll is a combination of our positioner (the lower part) and an attachment.

Choose from our wide range of our attachments or use your own. 

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Total Vise is Patent Pending