Bow Press Work Station

      The Most Versatile Bow Press On The Market
                 It's Simple, Strong and Smart!
  • Presses Compound and Cross Bows

  • Holds and draws Compound Bows with ease. Plus it holds the bow in a higher work position

  • Set of four Spring Supported large fingers for supporting newer style bows/beyond parallel

  • Set of four stationary fingers

  • Includes bench mounting support base, draw system and Cross Bow set up

  • Pivots out of the way for shop safety

  • Accepts portable drill cranking

  • Easy spin and lock positioning

  • Simple finger and tool switch out

  • Easier finger adjustment positioning at top

  • Rubber belt material facing on fingers

  • More options when used with the Crossover Vise, our Pedestal and our Track System

  • Built heavy Duty and  powder coated to last a lifetime

  • Does not include bow shown

  • Made in the USA