The Legacy Bow Press

When build quality meets versatility.

A Bow Press for the Lifetime Archer

We didn't just set out to create a normal bow press


Built for the Hunting Archer, Competitive Archer, and Pro Shop

Our bow press was designed with the end goal at the forefront – to help archers get the most out of archery. Bow presses are essential to maintaining and tuning your bow, but because of the hassle, people often leave it until the bow absolutely needs it. We realized archers & pro shops could improve their experience by making a bow press they love using, so their bow is always at its peak condition, and their skills reach new lengths.



Solid Welded Steel Construction, Made in America with American-made Quality Materials, a True Legacy Tool

Enter: the most durable and dynamic archery bow press made with quality American-made materials that last. Safety is always a concern when pressing a bow, which is why we built our Bow Press Work Station with quality materials that you can trust.


Making you a More Successful Hunter, Competitor or Pro Shop Owner

Our bow press is built with a comprehensive approach to supporting archers with quality tools, easy to use for effortless maintenance, and versatility to cover your every need. Whether you are doing bow maintenance at home in a pro shop, we know space is a precious commodity. Our bow press is a true multi-tool designed to complete any bow maintenance task you may have.

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Level Up Your Workbench

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The Details

What sets our bow press apart

We've created an archer's bow press that presses, draws, and pivots to position the bow for complete accessibility. All those functions work together to make the most effortless way to work on your bow; however you need to.


While it's versatile for many needs, its mechanism allows you to set it up for your everyday use at home or in your pro shop. We prioritize quality materials and craftsmanship – our American-made, along with top quality materials are built to last a lifetime.

Design Consultant
Joseph H Marzullo
Archer1941 on YouTube

Below are the additional features that work together to streamline your bow pressing:

  • Built as both a crossbow and compound bow press.

  • Holds and draws bows in a higher work position designed for convenient positioning.

  • Safer than any press on the market.

  • Set of four fingers to press both standard and beyond parallel bows. Compatible with and for Mathews Bows

  • Includes a bench mounting support base, draw system, and crossbow set up to get started straight away.

  • The spin and lock positioning pivots the system out of the way to enhance shop safety and home storage.

  • The rubber belt material on the fingers allows you to adjust the finger positioning easily.

  • Its versatility means you can use it with our crossover vise, pedestal, and track system.

  • Heavy-duty construction and materials, made here in the USA and powder coated to last a lifetime.

Lifetime Guarantee

We’re passionate creators here at Total Vise, where our inventions all serve one purpose and serve it well. Our goal is to provide the absolute best quality products on the market – so making sure our customers are totally satisfied is our top priority.


As you can see, we’re confident in our archery bow press and the endless use you’ll get out of it – so much so that we offer a lifetime guarantee, it will still serve you forever. We’re always here to provide customer service that helps solve your issues and fixes any problems quickly and efficiently.

The Complete Total Vise Archery Tool System

Tool features to level up your archery


Legacy Bow Press

Installation of Limbs

Installation of Cams

Installation of Strings & Cables

Installation of Peep Sights

Correct Peep Sight Rotation

Synchronize Cams

Precision Installation of Loop or Nock 

Precision Draw Stop Adjustment

No Slack String & Cable Tensioner

No Drop Bow Support

Vertical Draw Board

Precision Draw Length Measurement


Bow Press Work Station with Axis Knuckle

*sold separately

Sight Level 1st & 2nd Axis Adjustment

360 Degree Bow Access Rotation

3rd Axis Sight Adjustment At Full Draw


Bow Vise

Sight Level 1st & 2nd Axis Adjustment

360 Degree Bow Access Rotation

3rd Axis Sight Adjustment At Full Draw