# 10 Craftsman Vise

Features of the # 10 Craftsman Vise
A Vise for all Craftsman
  • The #10 Craftsman Vise has two versions.

  • #10A is fully pivoting and spins 180 degrees. #10B has 180 degrees spinning  capability without pivoting. Chose witch version on the product page

  • The rubber facing on the slip on wood  plates are a heavy duty black rubber/EPDM conveyor belt material. For luthiers the vise has a urethane rubber faced material. There is a full 3"x7" rubber rubber on the wood slip vise plates

  • This vise utilizes a moving back plate which pivots to most any usable angle.

  • The slip on wood palates are magnetized to hold the plate in place while operating. There are two 3/8" steel pins which slip into existing holes in the steel supporting main body plates.

  • The vise jaws will open to 4 1/2"s.