Howard's Total Vise: The Crossover Vise System

Sportsman Gun & Bow Vise System
Simply Smarter !
Great Tools For Great Hands

The system is user-friendly and quick to operate -- work can be installed and removed in seconds. You can easily and almost instantly adapt this vise for use with your own tools and jigs. 


The vise will articulate and lock at any point with speed and ease. Attachments simply drop into the main locking tube where you can adjust and lock your work. Capable of holding hundreds of pounds, the vise has a simple built-in safety mechanism. 


Crossover Track System
Crossover Vise ll with Bench Vise/Mounting Plate 
          Speed Track System
       Bow Press and Work Station
PPPedestal with Grinder
Crossover Vise ll-Crossover Arm &                Knuckle Package
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Proudly made in the USA 
Speed Track System

The Speed Track System was developed to support the auto and transmission repair shops. The track is 50" long and mounts on the front edge of your bench. The head receiver clamp accepts any of our post supported tools and plates. With the ability to slide and lock at any point along the track. The base package comes with the 50" track and the sliding head receiver and the adjustable drive shaft supporter. 

        Knife Makers Vise

Designed to be used with The Crossover Vise ll. The knife makers vise pivots, tilts, spins and locks to any position. Will accept up to 3/8" thick x 1 3/4" wide material. All steel construction internally machined for smooth operation. Powder Coated finish. Vise length 7". Quickly switch from one knife set up to another in seconds. The Crossover Vise ll is a true multi-tool.